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Project Description


For ships, for camping trailers

Semi-Flexible  Solar Panel

MODEL Max.power(Pmax) Max.power voltage(Vmp) Max.power current(Imp) Open-circuit voltage(Voc) Short-circuit current(Isc) Weight(Kg) Dimention(L×W×T)
OK-35W-ETFE 35W 18.4V 1.98A 22V 2.04A 0.72Kg 430×596×2.8mm
OK-70W-ETFE 70W 17.9V 3.92A 21.4V 4.08A 01.52Kg 550×810×2.8mm
OK-105W-ETFE 105W 17.9V 5.87A 21.4V 6.32A 2.30Kg 550×1123×3.0mm
OK-110W-ETFE 110W 19.1V 5.77A 22.6V 6,32A 2.45Kg 550×1180×3.0mm
OK-140W-ETFE 140W 18.5V 7.78A 22.6V 8.27A 3.05Kg 675×1220×3.0mm
  • SEMI -FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANEL having WARP Angle of approx.
  • 20 degree with ETFE FILM Coating, ETFE Type is High resistance to Sea Water, Chemical, Heat, etc.
  • it is light in weight & the best materials against Ship/Cruiser/Yacht, Sea-Equipment and Solar Power Generation Apparatus for outdoor activities, etc.
  • All our standard products are certified by CE and ROHS.


  • High efficiency back contact Sunpower solar cells, 22.3%
  • It is very Strong and Excellent against Corrosive, which is the best Solar Panel for Sea Environment
  • Panel has Self-Washing ability and excellent for durability.
  • Durability Life is approx, 20 years and It is not polluted / contaminated in a short time easily.
  • We use Eco Substance for the safe, which can be recycled.
  • Custom order production available.


  • Boats, Yachts, Caravans, Outdoor


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